Alcyone MEMS Cannula

Reliable, Repeatable Brain Delivery

The Alcyone MEMS Cannula (AMC) provides for precise convection-enhanced CNS delivery directly to a neurological target.

1 2x Standard Luer Connections 2 Depth stop for desired depth 3 Stiff shaft for stereotactic frames 4 Tip-protector protecting micro-tip for insertion into stereotactic frame fixture 5 Micron size wide tip 2x independent channels/outlets 6 Proprietary features to stop backflow

Publication: In vivo performance of a microfabricated catheter for intraparenchymal delivery
Micro-Fabrication MEMS
Feature-Packed in a Small Size
Over-Tube Step
Backflow Stoppage at Normal Flowrates
Bullet Nose
Backflow Stoppage at High Flowrates
Tip-Protector and Accessories
Compatible with Stereotaxy Procedures

The AMC Advantage

AMC™ and Stepped Cannula (SC) Infusion Comparison with Gd-DTPA

15µ/min: Localized infusion in AMC, Severe loss of infusate in SC up to brain surface

A Game-Changer for High Flowrates and Repeatability

Anatomy Max Flowrate(µL/min) Backflow Prevented MR Image Showing Gd Distribution
White Matter 40
Thalamus 20
Putamen 15

Cannula Comparison

Attribute Alcyone MEMS Cannula Stepped Cannula
Minimum backflow at high flowrates
Repeatable infusate distributions
Target small anatomies with precision
Sensor capable platform
Avoid occlusions

Know you've hit your target with the Aura Method

Leveraging its dual channel tip for staggered delivery of AAV & gadolinium, successful delivery can be verified under MR.

Gadolinium is pushed out as AAV is infused from a second channel. Eventually, all the gadolinium is flushed out and a ring can be seen.

*The Alcyone MEMS Cannula (AMC™) System, a neuro-ventricular cannula, has US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance, Health Canada Licensing, and CE Marking. It is indicated for use in the U.S. and Canada for the injection of Cytarabine or the removal of cerebrospinal fluid from the ventricles of the brain during an intracranial procedure, and approved in Europe for injection or removal of substances from the brain and/or ventricles of the brain during intracranial procedures. The AMC is a dual-lumen, MR-compatible injection and aspiration cannula and can be used with existing commercial imaging and stereotactic systems. The AMC is not intended for implant, and it is intended for single patient use only.